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What are the benefits?
One of the best benefits of joining our wholesale / distributor program is that you get EXTRA DISCOUNT  OFF RETAIL PRICES. if you can choose to do your own branding and marketing by creating your own website and business page. And also we can help you drop ship.
How much is the investment?
The minimum investment is $450 you get 5 braided wigs of your choice. And we have a dedicated team of braiders that would get your orders done in 3-4 weeks. We are only keeping this to a selected number of Wholesalers/Distibutors because of the amount of orders we receive and the amount of braiders we do have to get the work done neatly as our wigs comes with guarantee. 
How much is the profit?
Example 1 Lace Closure Box Braids are $250 (retail price) and $$80-100 (Wholesale Price) if you bought 5 braids that is $450. If you sold all 5 braids for $250 ($1250) Selling price ($1250) - Cost Price ($450) Your profit is $800. Example 2 if you bought 5 corn row wigs $550 (Wholesale Price) Sold all 5 corn wigs for $1495 Your profit is $945  You can mix and match between between corn rows and box braids your revenue will always be DOUBLE

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