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Bella Sinach Organic Edge Regrowth Creme - Bella Braided Wigs

Bella Sinach Organic Edge Regrowth Creme

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Chebe powder and karka oil has been modified into hair grease!! Yes a hair cream, You don't need to wash off any more.
For my naturalistas worry less this was brought out after numerous research and testing for 3 months, this is a tested and trusted, so i can guarantee you the best... Ella Chebe Hair Grease is now available...and guess what?? Its also mixed with amla powder and Bhringrig oil.....Chebe Powder is made from natural ingredients,that are indigenous to Africa
Chebe Edge Regrowth is made from natural ingredients, Benefit: Regrows egdes.
Ingredients: shea butter,castor oil,emu oil,amla powder,Biotin,olive oil,vitamin C,D,E,aloe vera,peppermint,ginseng,kernel oil.
■Long hair
■Rapid hair growth 
■Dandruff free hair 
■Shiny and soft hair
■Hair breakage correction

Direction:Apply on your egdes daily.

Before you start:

  • It is generally more accurate to have someone else measure your head, rather than trying to do it by yourself.
  • If you currently have lots of hair, make sure it is pressed down as flat and ‎as tight as possible with a cap, a hairnet, or bobby pins.‎ This will eliminate bulges that distort head contours.
  • Use a cloth tape measure to ensure accuracy.

1. Around the Head:
Measure all around the head. Starting at your natural hairline in front, follow your hairline to just above your ear. Measure around the back to the bend in your neck, just above your other ear, then around front to where you began.

Average measurement is 22 inches


2. Front to Back:
Measure from your hairline in front (where the roots of your hair start in ‎the center of your forehead), back over the top of your head, then down to ‎where the roots of your hair stop on the back of your neck (usually about ‎an inch below the indentation where your skull meets the top of your neck).‎
Average measurement is 14 1/4inches


3. Ear to Ear:
Starting from one side in the crease where the front of your ear attaches to ‎your head, bring your tape measure straight up from that point and directly ‎over the top of your head and then straight down to the same position at ‎your other ear. (Make sure the tape measure is not angled toward the front ‎or back.) ‎

Average measurement is 11 1/2 inches


(Printable Size Chart

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Around the Head

Front to Back

Ear to Ear

20 3/4 inches
(52.5 cm)

13 1/4 inches
( 33.5 cm)
10 3/4 inches
(27.5 cm)
21 1/4 inches
(54 cm)
13 3/4 inches
(35 cm)
11 inches
(28 cm)
22 inches 
(56 cm)
14 1/4 inches
(36 cm)
11 1/2 inches
(29 cm)
22 1/2 inches
(57 cm)
14 3/4 inches
(37.5 cm)
11 3/4 inches
(30 cm)

23 inches
(58.5 cm)

15 inches
(38 cm)
12 inches
(30.5 cm)
24 inches
(61 cm)
15 3/4 inches
(40 cm)
12 1/2 inches
(31.75 cm)

NOTE: The adjustable tabs inside most wigs adjust up to 1" larger or smaller for a secure fit.


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